Scleral Fixation of PC IOL

The purpose of this video is to elaborate simplified innovative techniques of scleral fixation of posterior chamber (PC) IOLs. The following four techniques are described in this video:
1) Ab-externo scleral fixation of PCIOL using
10/Nylon/Prolene with 27-30 g needle on 1cc syringe
2) Transscleral suture passage using 10/0 prolene suture with straight needles
3) Mazhry’s pre-tied foldable IOL scleral fixation under topical infilteration
4) Mazhry’s In-situ loop fixation of subluxated PC IOL. The author has been using and refining these techniques for more than last one and a half decade. Post op results are quite good and comparable to other kinds of implantations. Scleral fixation of a PC IOL is an effective but surgically demanding technique. Most of these complications can be avoided or minimized by proper selections of materials used and adopting the proper technique.

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