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This channel offers a new immersive video experience that explores and shares what retina specialists see in the OR and beyond - in 3D.

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How Eyetube3D Works

You will need any iPhone compatible VR goggles, or Google Cardboard.

  1. Download the new Eyetube iPhone app from the App store (v2.0.1 or better).
  2. Login to Eyetube through the website on your computer or tablet and your iPhone app with the same username.
  3. Open the 3D channel in the app and click the Sync icon in the lower right corner.
  4. Insert your phone into your VR goggles.
  5. Open the video you want to watch on your computer or tablet.
  6. Click "PLAY ON PHONE" and the video will start to play on your phone in a few seconds.

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