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PDEK and E PDEK with PCIOL in AC to Glued IOL Soosan Jacob

  Channels: Cornea | Posted 2/24/2014

In this video, I demonstrate a case where PDEK and E-PDEK are combined with a closed chamber translocation of a PCIOL placed in the AC to a glued IOL and iridoplasty. PDEK or Pre-Descemet's Endothelial Keratoplasty as first described by Prof. Amar Agarwal gives a more robust graft than a DMEK graft. It is more easily handled and less liable to tears. I also demonstrate my own technique of E-PDEK/ E-DMEK or Endoilluminator Assisted PDEK/ DMEK where an endoilluminator gives fascinating clarity and 3-dimensional depth perception and allows all steps of surgery to be carried out easily. I use pressurized air infusion for Descemetorhexis and for attaching the graft. An iridoplasty is vital in those cases where air does not fill the AC well due to a broken iris-IOL diaphragm. The iridoplasty restores a taut iris-IOL diaphragm and allows a good air fill which is very essential for a successful PDEK. It is done using Osher's modified Siepser knot.

Fibrin glue • Glued IOL • PDEK

The Glued IOL

Soosan Jacob, MS, FRCS, DNB


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