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Cataract Surgery Using Vitreous Cutter Without Phacoemulsification

  Channels: Cataract Surgery | Posted 7/20/2015

Transconjunctival vitrectomy (TCV) with either 23 or 25 gauge has been reported to be used successfully in the management of posteriorly dislocated lens fragments after complicated cataract surgery. In most of these publications, the vitreous cutter has been used without phacofragmatome in vast majority of the cases. Considering that dislocation of lens materials occurred secondary to complicated surgery, it can be assumed that most of these materials are not soft and easy fragments. We thought that it is feasible in not very hard cases to perform cataract removal from anterior segment with vitreous cutter as in posterior segment. In addition to providing all advantages of micro incision cataract surgery there is no ultrasound energy in the anterior chamber.

Cataract • Cataract Surgery • Cataracts • Cortical Removal • Irrigation/aspiration, IA, I/A, I&A • Phacofragmatome

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