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Hydrus Implantation

The Hydrus implant is the first one to scaffold and somewhat dilate Schlemm canal. This technology is similar to what has been used in the cardiovascular stent world. Once the trabecular meshwork has been penetrated, under direct visualization with gonioscopy, the Hydrus implant (Ivantis) is rolled into the canal and left in place. The stent is disengaged from the inserter and then left with a small portion of the implant in the anterior chamber and most of it in the canal, one hopes with access to multiple collector channels. Aqueous goes from the anterior chamber into the stent and down the canal in and around the stent and finally downstream to the collector system and aqueous veins. [No sound]

Glaucoma • gonioscopy • Ivantis • Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) • Stent

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