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Excimer Laser Trabeculostomy (ELT)

  Channels: Glaucoma | Posted 1/26/2017

Excimer Laser Trabeculostomy (ELT), a MIGS procedure requiring no implants, is demonstrated on a phakic open-angle glaucoma patient. A 308-nm XeCl laser with a single-use, sterile fiberoptic intraocular delivery system is used to create long-lasting drainage channels in the trabecular meshwork with minimal thermal damage to surrounding tissues, facilitating aqueous outflow into Schlemm's Canal.
Instruments, Devices, and Materials:

1) Laser delivery system (308-nm XeCl coupled with disposable fiber optic probe)
2) Goniolens
3) Viscoelastic
4) Paracentesis blade
5) Speculum
6) I/A
7) Topical or peribulbar anesthesia

Excimer Laser Trabeculostomy (ELT) • Excimer Lasers • Glaucoma • Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) • MIGS • Schlemm canal • trabecular meshwork

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