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The Bell Pepper Experiment

  Channels: Retina | Posted 9/21/2011

The following video describes the benefits of 23- or 25-gauge sutureless transconjunctival vitrectomy which a screw-cut style incision. Screw-cut technique is a novel curved and twisted self-sealing incision technique using a 23-gauge one-step microcannula array with sharp solid trocar blades. The author uses a pair bell peppers and chopsticks to illustrate the forces exerted on surrounding surrounding tissue. However, in complex cases involving complete vitrectomy with shaving of the vitreous base, laser application and peeling of surface membranes, conventional angled incisions often leak at the end of the procedure. Here, we present Based on a simple kitchen experiment, we demonstrate that this approach provides excellent wound closure and potentially minimizes the risk of wound leak in sutureless vitreoretinal surgery.