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Ahmed Valve Retropupillary Tube Placement for Post PKP Glaucoma

  Channels: Glaucoma | Posted 7/31/2018

This video describes the Ahmed Valve (New World Medical) retropupillary tube placement surgical technique for pseudophakic or aphakic patients with history of corneal transplant. Important aspects of this technique are a lower risk of corneal graft failure and that it does not require scleral graft for tube covering. This particular case was a 77-year-old women with history of sclerokeratoplasty (2nd keratoplasty - initial PKP had early corneal graft failure) and secondary angle closure glaucoma. She developed very high IOP refractory to medical treatment so we chose to implant an Ahmed Valve shunt. Right now the patient has a clear corneal graft (1 month postop) with an IOP of 12 mmHg. Important steps for this technique are creation of a scleral tunnel of approximately 4 mm long, entering the AC 1.5 mm behind the limbus to reach the ciliary sulcus.

Ahmed Valve • Glaucoma • Penetrating Keratoplasty, PKP

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