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IOL Implantation with Cionni CTR in Subluxated Traumatic Cataract in Pediatric Patient

  Channels: Cataract Surgery, General | Posted 11/12/2010

A 8-year-old child presents with a grossly subluxated cataractous lens following blunt trauma from a cricket ball. Intraoperatively 180 degrees of subluxation can be seen. After staining the capsule with trypan blue, Maneesh Bapaye, MD, breaks posterior synechia with an iris spatula. A 23G cutter is use to complete the rhexis after an area of fibrotic anterior capsule breaks off. The cortex is debulked with a cutter and some of the lens material is left in the eye to stabilize the bag during the reminder of the procedure. After a Cionni capsular tension ring was placed in eye, the cutter removed the rest of the cortical material and a foldable three piece lens was placed in the sulcus.

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