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Descemet's Detachment Classification & Relaxing Descemetotomy

  Channels: Cornea | Posted 11/26/2013

In this video, I discuss my new classification system for Descemet's membrane (DM) detachments. It won the prestigious film festival award in the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Congress 2013 at Amsterdam. This classification unlike other present systems of classification helps the surgeon in understanding the pathogenesis of DM detachment on the basis of clinical features and OCT findings and thus helps in deciding the appropriate management strategy. I have also described a treatment algorithm for deciding on the type of treatment required in individual cases. The video also discusses a new technique that I have described - the Relaxing Descemetotomy. DM detachment is in many ways similar to Retinal detachment (RD) and just as treatment varies for different kinds of RD, it is time that various types of Descemet's detachments are recognized and treated appropriately. I would also like to thank my friends - Dr. Jerzy Nawrocki for allowing use of his terrific videos of retinal detachments and Dr. Gabor Scharioth for his beautiful picture of bullous Descemet's detachment.

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