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Bimanual Cataract Surgery with No Phaco Power on a 3+ NS

  Channels: Cataract Surgery | Posted 1/31/2012

Chad Bouterse, DO, presents a bimanual cataract surgery. Two 1.2 mm incisions are created and the capsulorhexis is performed with MST forceps. Utilizing aggressive hydrodelineation, the nucleus is prolapsed in the anterior chamber. Using the MST chopper irrigation tip and high vacuum (450 on the AMO Whitestar), the nucleus is cleaved and aspirated with no phaco energy. This is a 3+ nucleus of moderate to advanced density. One of the 1.2mm incisions is enlarged to ~1.6mm and an Akreos AO lens (Bausch & Lomb) is inserted with wound-assist delivery. Dr. Bouterse has found this technique to be safe and always result in a crystal clear cornea the next day. Additionally, the author noted that he has "not found any lens too dense to use this technique, but soft nuclei are better to be just aspirated in the bag."

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