Retinal Detachment - à chaud

Martin Charles, MD, shares a video demonstrating the Constellation Vision System in a retinal detachment surgery with severe ocular inflammation. The new Alcon Edge plus valved cannulas are used, and a helpful pearl on entering with soft long silicone cannulas is shared. A 5000 cut rate set is used during the whole procedure with linear vacuum. External scleral indentation is performed to shave the vitreous base. After the retina is attached an air silicon exchange is performed and the venting valve is used to avoid a sudden rise in the IOP.

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Comments (6)

I don't agree Dr. Singh. I routinely use the DORC valved cannula system 20G & 23 G and have faced no problems at all. Hence my suggestion of using the smaller gauge soft tipped cannulas.

DR. SHALABH (44 months ago)

Smaller gauge silicone tipped cannula makes the aspiration process very slow and even may not work at all. Use correct gauge with the tip trimmed 50% and with active vacuum of 20 to 40 mm.

Deependra V Singh MD (44 months ago)

For you ?

Doccharles (44 months ago)

101% illumination is pretty high!

R Siddiqui (44 months ago)

It is a very good idea, I will surely will try it, Thanks !!

Doccharles (45 months ago)

Use a smaller gauge soft tipped cannula and no modification is required. For 23 G cannula use 25 G and for 20 g cannula use 23 g soft tip. Works well because the valves help in preventing any leakage around the shaft of the cannula.

DR. SHALABH (45 months ago)