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Single-Pass 4-Throw Technique (SFT) For Pupilloplasty

  Channels: General | Posted 5/25/2017

Pupil reconstruction is an essential aspect of modern surgery as it helps to prevent photophobia and glare and helps to optimize the surgical outcome. Single pass 4-throw (SFT) technique comprises of taking a Single pass from the edges of the iris leaflets that are to be apposed and then taking 4-throws through the loop that is retrieved from the eye with the help of Sinskey’s hook. Both the ends of suture from either end of paracentesis incision are then pulled. This leads to sliding of the loops inside the eye bridging both the ends of the iris tissue. Due to intertwining of suture, a helical configuration is created that prevents the opening of the loop. As the second pass is not made there is minimal intervention in the anterior chamber (AC). Secondly, SFT is very safe in cases that undergo an endothelial keratoplasty procedure due to the fact that as there is no knot, the chances of the knot coming in contact with the donor graft is minimized in cases with shallow AC.

Iridodialysis • Iris reconstruction • Suturing

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