Plateau Iris Syndrome

Dr. Alward presents an indentation gonioscopy exam on a 76 year-old woman with a history of narrow angles for which she had undergone iridotomies. She has mild hyperopia (+1.25 D OD and +1.00 D OS). For more information, go to

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UBM is a good tool to confirm diagnosis

altanozcan (48 months ago)


natalie even (65 months ago)

are there any other supplement test beside gonioscopy to to make a confirm diagnosis of plateau iris syndrome???

jabbar (67 months ago)

by definition, they can go into closure despite a pi. one typically needs to do iridoplasty with the argon laser to keep angle open.

ranchump (72 months ago)

Do these patients benifit from a peripheral YAG iridotomy?

eyedoctor (72 months ago)