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Cataract Surgery With Extreme Positive Pressure

  Channels: Cataract Surgery | Posted 10/25/2010

An African American female in her 70s presented with congenital ptosis, bilateral chronic uveitis, proptosis, bilateral peripheral iridotomies, and hand-motion visual acuity in both eyes from advanced cataracts. The anterior chamber collapsed violently upon the needle’s entry, so Dr. Robert Osher injected OVD to deepen the chamber in preparation for attempting the capsulorhexis with a 22-gauge needle. The capsulorhexis was made 5.0- to 5.5-mm to ensure that the IOL’s optic would be less likely to catapult forward out of the bag in response to the positive pressure. The surgeon chose OZil Torsional ultrasound for efficiency and followability and a silicone I/A tip for added safety when dealing with extreme positive pressure.

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