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Refractive IOL Explant with L-Incision and Trocar ACM for Soemmering Ring Removal with Glued IOL and Pupilloplasty

  Channels: Cataract Surgery, Refractive | Posted 1/26/2016

The video demonstrates a case of a 19-year old girl who was operated for traumatic cataract at the age of 8 years. Currently, the girl has -12 D refractive error along with 270 degrees fibrotic irido-capsular adhesions, a posterior capsular opening, optic of PC IOL in AC with haptics behind the iris tissue and a Soemmering ring.
An L shaped scleral incision was planned for this case along with explantation of the IOL. Fibrotic adhesions were removed along with soemmering ring and a Glued IOL procedure was performed. A trocar ACM was used in this case as it creates a transconjunctival biplanar wound that is self sealing and overcomes all the shortcomings of an ACM like spontaneous extrusion and forced introduction into the eye. The video also showcases the problem of haptic slippage that can occur due to a pull of fibrotic adhesions on the haptic of the IOL. Pupilloplasty was later performed to achieve proper pupil size and to avoid any glare in the postoperative period.

Glued IOL • IOL Exchange/IOL Explant • Post Traumatic Cataract • Soemmering ring • Trauma

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