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In-office Air Fluid Exchange

  Channels: Retina | Posted 6/3/2014

In this video Dr. Crosson describes Dr. Mein's simple yet effective method for in-office air fluid exchange. Dr. Mein inserts a 25-gauge non-valved trocar and then uses a bent 30-gauge needle to inject air into the eye. The needle is smaller than the lumen of the trocar, and therefore, allows fluid to escape from the eye. Prior reports have suggested a similar technique, but require two separate injection sites or a specialized dual bore cannula. Dr. Mein's technique is elegant, simple, and effective. The case shown is a an air fluid exchange in a patient with post vitrectomy recurrent diabetic vitreous hemorrhage. The patient did well, with resolution of vitreous hemorrhage post-operatively. This in-office procedure saved this patient a costly trip to the OR. The technique described has application to many indications and can be used in any post-vitrectomized eye requiring air fluid exchange.

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