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Trocar AC Maintainer

  Channels: Cataract Surgery | Posted 6/4/2015

In the case of posterior capsular rupture it is better to have fluid inside the eye. The anterior segment surgeon can use an AC maintainer to get fluid into the eye but the knife entry used can be too long, too wide, or too tight which can cause wound leaks and may need suturing. A Trocar cannula in the pars plana can be used but placement may be difficult for an anterior segment surgeon.
We designed a trocar AC maintainer. The trocar enters parallel to the cornea about half a millimeter from the limbus. It is then turned perpendicular to the limbus and enters the AC. The trocar is removed and the infusion is fixed to the cannula. Once surgery is completed the t-ACM is simply pulled out of a self-sealing wound.
The Advantages of trocar AC maintainer (t-ACM) are 1) wound entry is controlled with no leaks and no sutures, 2) it's easy for anterior segment surgeons, and 3) entry is through a trocar cannula which tightly hugs the incision and is stable intraoperatively.
The t-ACM can be used in cases of posterior capsular rupture, glued IOL surgery, any IOL scleral suture or iris fixation surgery, pupilloplasty, corneal tear surgery or any Keratoplasty.

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