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Subluxated 3-Piece IOL

  Channels: Cataract Surgery | Posted 7/26/2016

The video demonstrates a clinical scenario where in there is a decentered 3-piece IOL associated with a break in posterior capsule. The surgeon can consider performing vitrectomy and placing the IOL in the sulcus. But as the posterior capsule rupture is eccentric, it will fail to be completely occluded by the optic of the IOL and in the eventual postoperative period there is a possibility of decentration again by the push of the vitreous from behind. Another option that a surgeon has is to explant the existing IOL and perform a secondary IOL fixation of their choice. The third option is to take an advantage of the already present 3-piece IOL in the eye and to perform a glued IOL fixation. Performance of a glued IOL fixation at this stage leads to a stable IOL fixation with enough vitrectomy being performed followed by haptic externalization and the scleral tuck. Intrascleral fixation of the IOL gives strength to the IOL fixation and prevents its subsequent decentration.

Capsular Rupture • Capsule Tear • Cataract • Cataract Complications • Cataract Surgery • Dislocated IOL, subluxed IOL • Intraocular lens, IOL, IOLs

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