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Supracapsular Technique with Bleb

  Channels: Cataract Surgery | Posted 5/23/2014

With the eye's functioning bleb, monocular status, and very symptomatic visual loss, I elected to proceed with straight cataract surgery. I counseled the patient on all possible contingencies.
There were three keys to success in this case. First, I displaced my normally temporal wound and paracentesis about 30 degrees counterclockwise to avoid any proximity to the thin filter. Secondly, I carefully tracked my anterior capsular leading edge during capsulorhexis. The bleb created a significant blind zone, during which maintaining hold of the capsule flap was important. Finally, I employed a supracapsular technique, which of all nuclear dissasembly techniques, can be performed with the least amount of visibility, as illustrated in the accompanying video. The patient had an excellent postoperative result, with maintained IOP control off medications, and a good visual outcome.

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