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Severe Traumatic Cataract Dislocation, Atonic Pupil and Glaucoma

  Channels: Cataract Surgery, General | Posted 12/4/2017

Ike Ahmed, MD, shares a case for the ages... a bungee cord injury to eye. The traumatic severely dislocated cataract, barely hanging with maybe literally 1-2 zonules (ligaments) intact, vitreous prolapse, atonic fixed dilated pupil, and glaucoma with very high pressure of 50mmHg. The case is managed with vitrectomy, anterior levitation of lens using Ahmed Micro-Graspers (MicroSurgical Technology) forceps assisted with scleral depression, iris hooks to hold edge of rhexis during capsular opening, two of Ahmed Capsular Tension Segments (CTS) sutured to sclera with gore-tex and capsular tension ring, phaco, then intraocular lens in capsular bag. Then pupil sutured with 10-0 Prolene iris cerclage and finally placement of an Ahmed Glaucoma Valve (New World Medical). The surgery was performed in 1.5 hours under local topical/subTenons anesthesia while talking to the patient and teaching medical trainees.

Ahmed Capsular Tension Segment (CTS) • Ahmed Micro-Graspers • Ahmed Valve • Dislocated lens, subluxed lens • Glaucoma • Glaucoma Drainage devices • Intraocular Pressure, IOP • MicroSurgical Technologies • MST (MicroSurgical Technology) • New World Medical • Post Traumatic Cataract • Trauma

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