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Retinal Acuity Meter

  Channels: Cataract Surgery, Retina | Posted 10/27/2011

The Retinal Acuity Meter (RAM; AMA Optics Inc., Miami) is a handheld device is used to assess macular function behind the media opacities caused by cataract or posterior capsular opacification. Preoperative potential acuity assessment may help surgeons give a more accurate estimate of postoperative acuity. In turn, predicting visual acuity may decrease the number of patients who are disappointed with their surgical results—or possibly avoid unrewarding surgeries. The RAM device is especially useful in patients who have more than one cause of decreased vision. In a patient with cataract plus a macular disease (eg, diabetic retinopathy, epiretinal membrane, macular degeneration), it is often hard to determine whether the visual loss is due to the cataract alone or as part of the macular disease.

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