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Laser Cataract Extraction with Nd-YAG laser 1.44 um

  Channels: Cataract Surgery | Posted 7/12/2012

Lena Emir-Kozzi, MD, presents a laser cataract extraction with Nd-YAG laser 1.44 um. The patient is a Caucasian 61-year-old female. Laser cataract extraction was accomplished with an Nd-YAG laser 1.44 um combined with forepump. The laser cataract surgery technology is certified by the Department of Public Health (Russia). The depth of YAG laser energy permeation into the tissues is 0.5-0.7 mm. The laser works in pulse mode with a frequency up to 25 per second. The more dense is the cataract nucleus, the more effective is the laser destruction. Laser is less effective in patients under 40 years old, but in these patients cataract removal can be performed at the expense of vacuum. This is the surgeons first experience with this device. In postoperative period the patient has minimal corneal edema and no complications in posterior eye segment.

Cataract • Cataract Surgery • Cataracts • Irrigation/aspiration, IA, I/A, I&A • YAG

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