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Glued IOL During Live Surgery

  Channels: Cataract Surgery | Posted 7/8/2014

Amar Agawal presents a glued IOL surgery performed during the 2014 IIRSI Conference. Following conjunctival peritomy, two partial thickness scleral flaps are made 180 degrees opposite to each other. Sclerotomy incision is framed with a 20 G needle approximately 1.0 mm from the limbus, beneath the flaps. 23 G vitrectomy probe is passed from the sclerotomy incision and thorough vitrectomy is performed. A 3-piece foldable IOL is loaded and the tip of the IOL is kept slightly protruded from the cartridge. The tip is grasped with the Glued IOL forceps introduced from the sclerotomy incision and after the entire IOL is injected into the eye, the haptic is pulled and externalized. The trailing haptic is then grasped and is flexed into the eye. Handshake technique is performed and the trailing haptic is externalized from the other sclerotomy incision. The haptics are then tucked in the scleral pockets and vitrectomy is performed at the sclerotomy site to cut down vitreous strands. Air bubble is injected, infusion is stopped and fibrin glue is applied to seal the flaps.

Cataract • Cataract Surgery • Fibrin glue • Glued IOL

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