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In situ Bag Repositioning with Double Haptic Scleral Fixation of Multi-piece IOL

  Channels: Cataract Surgery | Posted 7/3/2014

Zia ul Mazhry, MD, presents an in situ bag repositioning with double haptic scleral fixation of multi-piece acrylic foldable PC IOL. In situ repositioning with double haptic scleral fixation of IOL was planned under local anesthesia. Partial thickness scleral tunnels were prepared 180 degrees apart and two paracentesis were performed. Trans-scleral 10/0 prolene fixation suture was passed 1.00 mm behind limbus. A 27-gauge bent needle and 10/0 prolene straight needles were used for this purpose applying rail road technique encasing the IOL haptic. The suture needle was retrieved at the opposite limbal paracentesis. The haptic bag complex was dialed in position at ciliary sulcus by applying gentle traction on the sutures. The fixation suture ends were tied to each other, cut, and buried inside the scleral tunnel. At the end of the case, the IOL bag complex was well centered and remained so to date (3 months postoperatively). The BCVA is 6/9 with quiet eye.

Cataract • Cataract Surgery • Dislocated IOL, subluxed IOL

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