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Hydrus Microstent

  Channels: Glaucoma | Posted 11/17/2016

The Hydrus Microstent can be implanted with microinvasive glaucoma surgical techniques while performing cataract surgery or as a stand-alone glaucoma surgery by utilizing small clear corneal incisions. A delivery injector is inserted through the corneal incision and into the angle of the eye until its tip penetrates into the trabecular meshwork, thereby accessing Schlemm’s canal. Once Schlemm’s canal is accessed, a flexible, biocompatible microstent can be inserted into the eye’s natural flow channel with minimal injury to the surrounding tissues. The stent is left permanently in place to dilate and scaffold the canal in three clock hours, while providing aqueous flow access to multiple collector channels. The technique is verifiable in that the surgeon can view the dilating stent windows during implantation for a feeling of security that surgical goals have been met.


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