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Divide and Conquer Cross-Chop: A Simple, Easy, and Effective Approach for Nucleus Disassembly

  Channels: Cataract Surgery | Posted 7/23/2012

D. Michael Colvard, MD, presets the “Divide and Conquer Cross Chop” technique designed to create a quick and easy four quadrant division of the nucleus without phaco energy and without placing stress on the capsule or the zonules. The compressive forces of the crossing choppers are isolated within the nucleus and are not transmitted to the supporting structures of the lens. The maneuver is performed in a stable chamber filled with OVD. The nuclear quadrants are then brought into the pupillary plane with the phaco tip without the need for high vacuum levels or high flow rates.

Cataract • Cataract Surgery • Cataracts • Ophthalmic viscosurgical device, OVD • Phacoemulsification

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