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Subconjunctival Loiasis

  Channels: General | Posted 1/14/2012

Alfredo Insausti García, MD; Monica Asencio-Duran, MD; and Luciano Bravo Ljubetic, MD, present the case of Equatorial Guinea tourist visiting Spain with a subconjunctival loiasis. She presented to the emergency department with complaints of foreign body sensation, irritation, and described the feeling of something moving in the left eye. The anterior segment examination showed the existence of a long, freely moving worm crawling under the superior bulbar conjunctiva. To provide relief of symptoms and identify the worm species, the authors planned surgical removal. Under topical anesthesia, the worm was grasped with forceps through a 2- to 3-mm peritomy and easily removed from subconjunctival space. The authors affirm that all patients should be tested for eosinophilia, microfilaraemia, and coexistence with other filariasis. Also, postoperatively, patients should receive systemic anti-parasitic treatment to eradicate possible larvae in the bloodstream.

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