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Ptosis Surgery via Supra-Brow Single Stab Incision - A New Technique Frontalis Sling

  Channels: Oculoplastics | Posted 11/26/2013

My modified technique for frontalis sling ptosis surgery. This technique has advantages of a simple learning curve, decreased intraoperative bleeding, less number of sutures, less postoperative edema and scars, faster recovery, more rapid evaluation of final lid position, enhanced cosmesis, reduced chances of infection, exposure or contamination of sling material, and better cosmetic results of surgery to patients while retaining the usual advantages and functional results of standard sling procedures. I have used Dr. Stuart Seiff's extremely user friendly silicone suspension set. ** Jacob S, Agarwal A, Nair V, Karnali S, Kumar DA, Prakash G. Comparison of outcomes of suprabrow single-stab and 3-stab incision frontalis sling surgery. Asia Pacific J Ophth 2012; 1(2):91-96.

Ptosis Surgery