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Premium Lens Forecast: Optimistic

Eyetube TV Hostess, Christine Connellan, spoke with leading cataract surgeons, Drs. Starr, Goldman, Stein, and Donnenfeld, about their experiences and predictions for the future of premium lenses. And Eric Donnenfeld, MD, dispenses tips on achieving good surgical outcomes and happy premium IOL patients.

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Thanks for the show. I enjoyed watching it!

stkroeber (114 months ago)

you need to ask your ophthalmologist whether you potentially have that vision. if the rest of your eye is perfectly normal, you should be 20/20 after surgery (but cataract surgery has a 1-2% risk). speak to your ophthalmologist and get a second opinion just to be sure. this forum is not a good one to answer this question

ranchump (116 months ago)

i had a retinal tear it was fixed now i have a cataract my vision is 20x50 in repaired eye my job requires at least 20x40 will cataract surgery help my vision to at least 20x40 or better

(116 months ago)