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Interview with CEO of Allergan, Sir David Pyott

EyetubeTV was honored to have Sir David Pyott, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Allergan. After joining Allergan Mr. Pyott focused on specialty pharmaceutical & medical devices to create leading franchises in ophthalmology, neurosciences, medical dermatology, and other specialty markets. He also restructured Allergan’s worldwide operation.

In this interview he explains Allergan “started as an eye care company and despite the fame of some of our other brands…we are today an ophthalmic pharmaceutical company…almost half of our worldwide sales are ophthalmology.” Today Allergan has more Glaucoma products then any other company, and created category of therapeutic dry eye with Restasis.

Mr. Pyott, who created the name medical aesthetics to describe this new category that includes Botox, Juvederm, and Lastisse, points out that many of these products started as ophthalmic drugs – which is why he refers to ophthalmology as “the garden of Eden”.

And finally when looking towards the future Allergan’s focus is on research and development, as patient needs will never go away and constant innovation allows room to deliver more effective products.

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