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Interview with Bausch + Lomb Surgical CEO Robert Grant

Robert Grant, President and CEO of Bausch + Lomb, tells Tamara Bogetti, Publisher of Advanced Ocular Care about his goals for innovative development and what to expect from his new leadership.
Mr. Grant, who assumed his new role on August 1, 2010, said Bausch + Lomb's surgical unit will focus on innovation in the eye care market, specifically in therapeutics and medical devices aimed toward patients with age-related diseases and diabesity. This focus will include presbyotic correction, cataract surgery, medical devices related to glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema, Mr. Grant said.
He added that Bausch and Lomb's goal over the next five years is to create a better overall experience for patients, meaning "less down time, microincisions, less invasive procedures moving toward non-invasive procedures, greater degree of precision with those procedures, and a marriage of diagnostic and therapy."
When asked about his thoughts on femtosecond laser technology for use in cataract surgery, Mr. Grant said he thought there was great potential for its use and application.
"We saw what femtosecond laser technology did to the microkeratome space in LASIK flap cutting back earlier in this decade. I think there's a potential that femtosecond laser technology, once proven, is going to be able to do something similar for cataract surgery. It's probably not likely to be the panacea, however, I believe that it could drive a paradigm shift and transform the industry around cataract to drive better outcomes."

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