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Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery

Science, Medicine, and Industry

Stephen Slade MD, FACS

The use of the femtosecond laser in cataract surgery adds a new level of precision and reproducibility to a procedure that has yielded good outcomes for many years. In Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery,, Stephen Slade MD, FACS, the first surgeon to perform the procedure in the United States, engages leading ophthalmologists, scientists, venture capitalists, laser manufacturers, and legal and regulatory experts in a broad discussion about laser refractive cataract surgery. In merging the science, medicine, and business perspectives, Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery presents a comprehensive overview of the procedure— its current capabilities, future potential, possible complications, and more—with the collective goal of improving the outcomes achieved in cataract surgery, and thus, improving patients’ results and lives.

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Page Number: 325, ISBN Number: 978-0-615-60867-9, Language: English Publisher: Bryn Mawr Communications LLC and ACOS


  • Richard Awdeh
  • Perry Binder
  • Michael Brownell
  • Sean Carney
  • David Chang
  • Robert Cionni
  • J. Andy Corley
  • Christopher Cox
  • William Culbertson
  • Steven Dell
  • Eric Donnenfeld
  • Mark Forchette
  • Judy Gordon
  • Kristian Hohla
  • Teresa Ignacio
  • Tibor Juhasz
  • Gil Kliman
  • Michael Knorz
  • Mark Kontos
  • Manus Kraff
  • Ronald Krueger
  • Ron Kurtz
  • James Lewis
  • Richard Lindstrom
  • William Link
  • Eric Liu
  • Frieder Loesel
  • Holger Lubatschowski
  • Richard Mackool
  • Shareef Mahdavi
  • Parag Majmudar
  • Zoltan Nagy
  • Kasu Prasad Reddy
  • Alan Reider
  • Mark Rosenberg
  • Steven Safran
  • Melvin Sarayba
  • Allison Weber Shuren
  • Kerry Solomon
  • Jonathan Talamo
  • Vance Thompson
  • Mark Tomalla
  • William Trattler
  • John Vukich
  • Eric Weinberg