Dangling Subluxated Lens

Drs. Raj and Vasavada share an interesting case of pupillary sphincter rupture and dangling subluxated cataract. To prevent posterior capsular rupture, the surgeon uses the slow-motion phacoemulsification with a low aspiration flow rate, a low level of vacuum, and infusion pressure.

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sir ,u made it look so simpe

dr girish (52 months ago)

Great job! Do you think a pars plana approach lensectomy with artisan IOL secured to the iris could be a suitable alternative?

Vignesh Raja (56 months ago)

Under our Master's watchful Eyes, its so good to see you perform this terrifically Great, gratifying Job - dear Shetal. (It elates me to have tracked The Master & you here).

Dr. Rina (56 months ago)

congratulations...very good job

dugicolor (61 months ago)