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Needle Drain of Choroidal

In this video, John Kitchens, MD, takes a close look at how choroidals drain during surgery and techniques that may be helpful for the drainage of serous choroidal detachment.

Comments (7)

superb video, fantastic innovative technique - thanks for sharing

Dr S Chen (99 months ago)

Beautiful video. Thanks for sharing

Housebuster (99 months ago)

Infusion pressure was 35. The aspiration was set to medium (I believe 200 mmHg) on our Alcon Accurus.

jwkitche (99 months ago)

In this case the IOP went up. To the high teens or low 20s and the choroidals did not reform. I had one case in which the IOP was reasonable (15-16 range) and I did not address the bleb. In that case, her choroidal returned.

jwkitche (99 months ago)

that was cool

ranchump62 (99 months ago)

Dr. Kitchens, Out of curiousity, what was the IOP following this procedure? Did the choroidals form again postoperatively? Thanks

ndmayfield (99 months ago)

Dear Dr. John Thank you for this amazing video. What was the Vacuum aspiration settings you were using here and infusion pressure in the vitreous ? Great jobe done Thanks

Nikoloz (99 months ago)