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Giant Retinal Tear Repair

This case is a giant retinal tear 6 to 7 clock hours from 11 to 6 o'clock. The patient had no proliferative vitreoretinopathy, which was a good prognostic indicator for vision. We place a low-lying buckle to support the area of attached retina as well as the area of detached retina. Twenty-five-gauge vitrectomy is performed with care to remove as much as the vitreous base as possible.

Comments (2)

Thank you for the video, great case. It seems that the patient is pseudophakic, Why did you performed an inferior iridectomy? and it seems that you went through the zonula to perform it, is that right?

Dr Sanchez Chicharro (94 months ago)

Great video. To echo sentiment of a commenter to a similar video I posted: is a buckle needed for every GRT case? With peripheral 360 laser, non-inferior quadrant involvement, and patient compliant with positioning, a buckle may not add anything.

Korotkin (94 months ago)