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Dr. Wykoff & Dr. Smiddy Perform SBP with #240 Band

In this video Charles C. Wykoff, MD, PhD and William Smiddy, MD perform a scleral buckling procedure (SBP) on a patient using a #240 band.

Comments (4)

Hello, I noticed you are using a 20D lens? Isn’t 28 D better interim of wider visual field?? How did you determine the placement of the silicone band 4 mm from the muscle insertions? How do you determine how tight you should pull the band is it till the IOP is good and presence of pulsation of retinal vein or when there is no space between the band and the sclera?

Drmdico (21 months ago)

Nice concept! I am already using this for pseudophakic RDs with single/multiple small flap tears in the periphery combined with post op laser. Elimination of thick bulky buckles and cryo makes the technique less destructive. Something like "athermic buckle" by Zauberman.

Deependra V Singh MD (125 months ago)

Bill, you did not mention drain site selection, when to drain, and what to do when fish mouthing (inferior fish mouth worse) is present after the drain. Your 240 eliminates the bulk. Nice video. Thanks

Bill Snyder (125 months ago)

I have a few queries / suggestions. One, I think it would been easier to have the recording by microscope for better visualization while making the scleral grooves, and joining them. All rectii muscles have insertions at different points on the sclera, but having one point behind the rectus would not give an even encirclage. So why not measure from the limbus? Also your video does not talk about where the break is. So there is always going to be some variations as to the point that needs to be buckled. One can also have a 279 or 277 tyre that can be placed at the point of break, if not supported by the 240 band alone, what would you suggest for the tyre, another scleral tunnel or a suture?

DR. SHALABH (125 months ago)