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Cataract and Refractive Surgery


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Volume #17 | Issue #1 | Episode #

A Dog's Day

Comments (3)

this is a everyday story for me here in mumbai india since last 15 years. you have to be focused all the time and be passionate in your work god bless. dr vijay bhatt mumbai India

vijay (105 months ago)

quite surprised that he placed a ctr for a tear in anterior capsule. why would that tear suggest zonular weakness? i simply place the iol in the bag with the haptics 90 degrees away from the tear. maybe those prior tough cases made the surgeon "ctr-happy"! i once got sloppy during i/a after a very tough nuclear removal--i let my guard down. i never made that mistake again!

ranchump62 (105 months ago)

Very important video! May all surgeons keep in mind the complexity of the cataract surgery and avoid the impulse to "sell it" to patients as an "easy procedure". There is no easy procedure. The most one can get is dedicated and high quality professionals doing the best to focus and apply all the skills in that exact moment of each hand move. Thanks for charing! Rogério Moreira, MD - Portugal

Rogério (105 months ago)