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Volume #25 | Issue #2 | Episode #

Essential Surgical Techniques for Vitrectomy

Comments (6)

I have had several retina trained docs tell me they would testify against any ant. segment surgeon if any complications occured and would be successful as ant segment docs have no "formal" training in ppv. We have been very shy to go in pars plana. Thanks for a great video! Awesome Technique

Eyefixem2 (120 months ago)

hey Z mario....easy my friend!!!!...good anterior vitrectomy leads to better results...and you know it!!!. greetings

Dr. Atue (124 months ago)

Dear Marcos

Dr. Mahbub (124 months ago)

Being a VR Surgeon, I think, This is well managed PCR cases. But care to be taken, if any cortical substances remained in the vitreous cavity. If those are very small cases , post operative Oral steroids will help.

Dr. Mahbub (124 months ago)

From 6 to 15% in iatrogenic retinal breaks from pars plana vitrectomy, anterior segment surgeons, please remain in the anterior segment, just one piece of advise

ZMario (125 months ago)

It´s not easy to make artistic videos with complications, congratulations. One question what about iridectomy, when do you consider it´s necesary?

marcos (125 months ago)