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Volume #25 | Issue #2 | Episode #

Understanding the Dropped Nucleus

Comments (8)

excellent video , i was not surprised about vitreous role but what was more astonishing was that the OVD can hold up a rock. pretty pretty nice video , DR Matias Iglicki

matu (109 months ago)

Yesterday I done p/cIOL drop into the vitreous after posterior capsulorhexis. oh! not my fault, after your video I blame the vitreous!

Prasertc (123 months ago)

excelent video robert ,i have learn how the nucleous stays anteriously when we have a tear in the posterior chamber. thanks for the advice

ramiro (123 months ago)


phacoman (123 months ago)

So, what is your recommendation once the posterior capsula is compromised? Should I inject Healon and convert into a extracapsular surgery or continue with the facoemulsification? If facoemulsification perfomed, how the paremeters?

drigo2212 (123 months ago)

great job

laugfong (123 months ago)

fantastic .... very nice video.....congratulations

Bhushan (123 months ago)

marcos (123 months ago)