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Cataract and Refractive Surgery


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Volume #25 | Issue #2 | Episode #

Saving the Day: Hema Lifeboat

Comments (7)

Single-piece foldable IOL in the ciliary sulcus? Not so sure about that...

xavocampos (100 months ago)

very intelligent!

Prasertc (108 months ago)

I think it is a life boat for the surgeon not for the nucleus

yehiam (108 months ago)

It looks great but the video doesn't address the best way of removing the remaining cortex and prolapsed vitereous.

Mehdi Ghajar (108 months ago)

fantastic idea. Is it an upside down trimmed soft contact lens?

Dr. Sachet (108 months ago)

Excellent idea.Pherhaps we can use a contact lens with a tinted pupil(black), while doing a pterigion o related surgery to protect the retina or diminish the disconfort of the high.ilumination. Its an alternative to the merocel round device used so far...Gracias.DrMonta;oMexico

superman (108 months ago)

Hi keiki, where I can get this saving sheet?

Dioptrix (108 months ago)