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Volume #24 | Issue #4 | Episode #

The Art of Pre-Chopping

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DR. AGUILERA (108 months ago)

i have been using akahoshi prechoppers since last 5 years and ultrasonic chopper seems to be further extension of technology.Dr. Akahoshi has made my life enjoyable during phaco.well done for simle idea. i am keen to use it if it is avaliable in India. dr. sharad patil nasik

sharad patil (108 months ago)

the ultrachopper soon will be sold by Alcon.

escaf (109 months ago)

many thanks for dr escaf for his kindness in learning us alot from him

maebed007 (109 months ago)

it is very good idea in phaco techinque, i would like to know from where i can get one and the price, please and shipping to egypt thank you

maebed007 (109 months ago)

this will really make phaco easier and safer.

Roumel (109 months ago)

Simawi ,next year it will have you in your clinic

escaf (112 months ago)

I think the Ultra Chopper is an incredibly effective tool to deal with hard cataracts. I am convinced that this technology has come in to stay and simplify the risky surgery. I would like to have Ultra chopper in my clinic.

wamsim (112 months ago)

Apparently you can see aggressive, but any ophthalmologist that use phaco can see it.

escaf (112 months ago)

How does the ultrachopper perform with softer nucei, it seems it could be a bit too aggresive. And will aspirating the nucleus not generate too much heat at the wound? Especially with sleevless probes?

O.Barrada (117 months ago)

I am amazed by doctors Escaf innovation, it is really should simplify chopping.

izade (118 months ago)

Excelent video. The best technique seems to me the ULTRACHOPPER from Dr. Escaf in Colombia. Fernando Yaacov Pena, MD

Yaacov613 (118 months ago)

I agree with all the advantages of PreChopping. I have been using the Akahoshi instruments and techniques for several years and recently the Ultrachopper for those hard challenging cases. I am delighted with it.

Ed/Viteri (119 months ago)

Very well done to all the Authors. Thankyou. Special congratulations to Luis Escaf. Many of us Colombians are proud of you

CRJ (119 months ago)

No problem in watching the video.

eyedoctor (119 months ago)

i cannot visualise the video

chetan (119 months ago)