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Cataract, Refractive, and Glaucoma Surgery


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Volume #24 | Issue #1 | Episode #

Decentered IOL

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If you try to go back, right before IOL implantation, there was not enough viscoelastic in the bag such that the anterior leaflet collapsed onto the posterior capsule. This can be observed as soon as the IOL slides into the bag with a bit of anterior chamber collapse. This may have been averted if there was enough cohesive Na Hyaluronate in the capsular bag. Hence right after the ring was inserted this may have separated the fused anterior and posterior chambers. I didn't see that much zonular dehiscence during the procedure. But inflating the bag under the IOL with Na Hyaluronate and rotating the lens thereafter may have solved the problem. IMHO

ReyMD (132 months ago)

very very informative

jatala (134 months ago)