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Cataract and Refractive Surgery


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Volume #23 | Issue #2 | Episode #

Complete IFIS Case Utilizing LRIs and Iris Retractors

Comments (2)

Hi. This edition of Bob's Video Journal was asking us to show our phaco technique from start to finish and my preference is phaco chop. The blue marks are axis reference marks for the LRIs, and capsule dye wasn't used. I use 400 mmHg and 26 cc/min for the impaling and separating of the segments. Then, I use 320 mmHg for the loose fragments, and 200 mmHg for the epinucleus.

DavidFChang (132 months ago)

Hi David ,can you tell me what's wrong with Divide & concur in these cataract cases? I believe you've stained the capsule using Vision Blue before CCC?

mohammed (132 months ago)