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Episode 37: Managing Pediatric Retinal Detachment

  Channels: Retina | Posted 6/8/2016

Is it better to address a retinal detachment in a young patient with a buckle or a vitrectomy? Richard Kaiser, MD, and Jonathan Prenner, MD, sit down with Philip Ferrone, MD, to discuss the pros and cons of each in the management of pediatric patients with retinal detachments. According to Dr. Ferrone pathologies with a large tractional component are best dealt with by vitrectomy. He adds that it is important for retina surgeons to understand the anatomy of the developing eye, especially when placing sclerotomies during the procedure. Dr. Ferrone notes that encircling buckles work well for older children with retinal detachments that are the result of trauma and those with lattice hole-type detachments.

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