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Potential Uses of the Finesse Flex Loop

In the two cases presented in this video, Kazuhito Yoneda, MD, demonstrates how the Finesse Flex Loop (Alcon) has potential to be used to peel something from the retina or pick something up from the bottom of the vitreous cavity. In the first case, Dr. Yoneda shows peeling of the internal limiting membrane in a patient with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment including the macula, which he performs under perfluorocarbon liquid using the Finesse Flex Loop. The second case involves a patient with intraocular lens dislocation and strong adhesion between the posterior vitreous hyaloid and the retina. Dr. Yoneda uses the instrument to peel the posterior vitreous hyaloid from the retina and to pick up the dislocated lens.

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