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Flip n Slice

Dr. Cynthia Matossian performs a new flip and slice cataract surgery technique.

Comments (5)

We have just recently taken more video. I hope to have some up in a few weeks once we have gone through the approval process. Happy Holidays!

C. Matossian (100 months ago)

Can you please add some other cases of similar and greater density, as well as any cases where you abort the technique. Would also appreciate video that are more "in focus". I thank you in advance.

Todd Fladen (101 months ago)

You raise an important point. Before I hydro-dissect, I remove some of the OVD from the AC by gently pressing down on the proximal lip of the main incision and "burping" the Healon 5 out. This creates ample room for the fluid wave from the hydro-dissection to rotate the nucleus upright without fear of posterior capsular rupture.

C. Matossian (106 months ago)

i'm fear about rupture posterior capsule

Prasertc (106 months ago)

very good technique, but if the eye is not soft enough ? , and i'm fear about ruptured posterior capsule

Prasertc (106 months ago)