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Conjunctival Chalasis

Due to the similarity of symptoms, conjunctival chalasis is often misdiagnosed as dry eye. Dr. Hovanesian discusses tips for identifying and treating this condition. Following excision of a small strip of conjunctiva, a piece of AmbioDry Amniotic Membrane Allograft (IOP, Costa Mesa, CA) is secured into place with fibrin glue.

Comments (4)

Taking down the remaining conjunctiva to the limbus with fibrin sealant will usually lead to dehiscence, as the sealant's shear strength is not great enough to hold a wound under this much tension. It would be possible to suture down the remaining conjunctiva, but sutures are uncomfortable. I use amniotic membrane for this application because it provides for quick, fairly pain-free re-epithelialization of the sclera and reduces the risk of forming a fibrotic scar that sometimes occurs when the sclera is left bare. Thanks for posting your comment. John

Hovanesian (123 months ago)

Wouldn't you get similar results if you tacked the cut edge of conjunctiva to the limbus (using tissue glue) without the amnio graft?

BRN (123 months ago)

Thanks for posting this video!

BRN (123 months ago)