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Advice for Easier Surgery and More Comfortable Patients

Dr. Erik Mertens shares some tips that have made his life easier and increased patients’ comfort. For example, he creates two sideport incisions without grasping the conjunctiva. This method greatly enhances patients’ comfort, because the conjunctiva remains sensitive to pain and helps avoid subconjunctival hemorrhages.

Comments (8)

He used Vancomycin... by the way, thanks for stimulating bacterial resistance!

Nesi (101 months ago)

I don't understand what kind of antibiotic is using. May someone clarify it?

ampecs (103 months ago)

I remember too. I saw this operation from konya but I REFUSED phaco at clear lenses

Dr. tekin (110 months ago)

Yes a good advice for easier surgery, dont operate cataracts operate cristal clear lenses!

ZMario (112 months ago)

great video! thank you!

LOC (112 months ago)

what jitter? It is the eye movements during surgery unr topical anaesthesia.

ashis (113 months ago)

i experience the same jitter on Firefox.

augnlaeknir (114 months ago)

I am experiencing severe jittering of this video. I use th Google Chrome browser. I wonder if there is a compatibility issue here?

RobRice (114 months ago)