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Prechopping, Torsional Ultrasound, and Centration on the IOL

To ensure that an IOL is well centered with proper coverage of its rim, Dr. Robert Cionni uses a Capsulorhexis Marker (Mastel Precision, Inc., Rapid City, SD) at the start of each case. The marking ring is placed on the cornea with the crosshairs centered in the Purkinje image within the undilated pupil. After pre-chopping the nucleus, the lens is emulsified with OZil Intelligent Phaco (Alcon, Fort Worth, TX) enabled torsional ultrasound.

Comments (5)

Dr. Cionni, when do you use that quick chopper?

kemal örnek (83 months ago)

MPF Lidocaine 1% with 1:50,000 epi

Bob Cionni (94 months ago)

what is the cocentration of phenilefrin used intracameral to keep the pupil dilated

nanno (95 months ago)

The Sticky nature of the hydrophobic single piece IOL allows it to remain where placed in most cases.

Bob Cionni (99 months ago)

whether the rehexis is centered will have no effect on whether the iol is centered in the bag, no? the iol will fill the bag regardless of where the rhexis is. of course, if the rhexis is centered, it will interfere less with the visual axis.

ranchump (99 months ago)